Yoga Retreats

2019 Retreat

This is more than just yoga sessions by the beach.

This is a carefully crafted, wellness & adventure experience that ensures as much cultural immersion and nourishment within the natural world as possible!  Our exclusive retreats are ALWAYS inclusive where you can come to learn yoga or to renew your practice. We encourage laughter, friendships, and being easy with oneself in the spirit of winter rejuvenation.

Our 3rd Annual Winter Yoga Retreat takes us this year to the Southwest Coast Coastal Region of La Boquilla, Oaxaca (Wa-ha-ca).  Oaxaca is Mexico’s culinary capital and is known for it’s moutainous landscape, colorful textiles, and beautiful beaches.  Our eco-friendly accommodations will remind us of simplicity and luxury at Hotel Bahia de la Luna.

“Mary, Ashby, thank you for a marvelous week and a fantastic excursion. A week with great people, great yoga, and great experiences. Looking forward to the next time!”

-Ricky S.

Past Retreats

Panama 2018