I often see clients who have been struggling with severe pain for months while working their way through the traditional healthcare model and spending enormous amounts of time and money on care.  Within the healthcare industry there exists a dichotomy between symptom treatment and looking for the root cause. It is important to consider the limitations of the training and tools of your prospective practitioner.  

Most western medical professionals are trained very well in diagnostics but their tools are usually very symptom-based, and despite the well-meaning of many doctors, the industry is supported by lifetime consumers of medications.  If you have a chronic illness diagnosis, seek the input of a functional or holistic integrative doctor who can coordinate lifestyle and supplement recommendations with
necessary prescriptions.  

 For chronic pain and injuries, it is important to know that most doctors are not well trained in the study of fascia, which is responsible for the alignment of joints and bones and is often the missing piece in a full recovery.  Myofascial Release opens the restrictions and scar tissue causing postural deviations and reduced range of movement.  Combined with yoga therapy, you can achieve a lasting recovery, setting you up for less injuries through better alignment, posture and ease of movement.  

Always research the legitimacy of the practitioner’s training and licensing, even if they have an established business.  Licensing is how we hold people in the massage industry to high standards of care, ethics, and integral relationships and business practices.  

 One of the first things I learned in my training as a massage therapist was the therapeutic relationship dynamic of “power over” that often occurs between practitioner and patient/client.  Make sure that you listen to your own body wisdom and intuition when choosing your treatments, and choose practitioners who encourage this and listen to you, and keep looking for the root cause.

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