Women are amazing creatures with an undeniable ability to multi-task and juggle better than a circus clown, but also tend to sacrifice themselves for the needs of others in the process before supporting their own needs.  

Sound familiar?  We create layers of identity driven by the desire to nurture our various familial, social and professional relationships; in the meantime, the power and time needed to nurture ourselves slips away. 

Something interesting I often think of is the in-flight safety announcement instructing passengers to secure their own oxygen mask first before assisting others.  In times of turbulence or not, shouldn’t everyday life be guided by this same value of self-importance?   

Well ladies, permission granted, it is okay to turn inward and intentionally care for yourself.  Your physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing are very important!  

It’s also okay to break away from the feelings of guilt and selfishness that can be associated with this path to personal wellness.   

Begin by taking an honest look at your daily habits.  Are you drinking enough water?  There’s a great app someone turned me on to that I have found especially helpful and maybe you will too  – Waterlogged.  

What about your relationship with food?  Do you need more, do you need less, do you know where it’s coming from and what’s in it?  

Are you getting the recommended amount of sleep for your age?  Even the smallest of adjustments here could lead to feeling more energetic and focused. 

From there, you can begin by carving out and scheduling, yes, scheduling, some “you time” and allowing it to become a part of your regular routine.  How about some quiet time with a book, a soothing lavender oil bath or getting out into nature for a walk or hike?  Yoga, meditation and massage/bodywork are incredible ways to relieve stress and increase mental and physical wellness.  What about a date night with your significant other, a get together with your girlfriends or a long overdue phone call to someone special?   

 I have a feeling you already knew why women’s wellness is important, but a little reminder never hurts.  It’s easier than you think, I promise.