Hear from real clients about our services.

Thomas is a fantastic teacher.  Great attention to detail, alignment, and sequencing.  His classes are always creative and have both a spiritual and a physical focus.

John R

I have attended classes with Mary and Thomas.  Both instructors are great.  I appreciate the planning the instructor has done, that is apparent for each class.  Different areas of the body are targeted at each class, with still plenty of warm up time.  Great way to start my day!

Joan W

Beautiful space, excellent teachers

Stacey L

Excellent experience for my first class. Very professional and attentive instructor (Mary). I will definitely be back.

John S

Today was my 1st yoga class ever. I felt very relaxed with the instructions from Thomas. Even though I know nothing about the names of each position, it was easy to follow along.

John K

I have enjoyed classes with Thomas and Mary.  The studio is a perfect setting for inward exploration of the body and soul and the instructors bring the class to life physically and spiritually.  Mary’s 6:30 am classes changes each session.  They always seem to hit exactly what I am needing at the moment and are a great way to start the day.  If her clear instructions are not enough, Mary has a gentle, yet firm touch to guide me, a beginner, to the correct position and shows alternate positions for my tight hamstrings.  The center offers many complimentary classes, such as using essences, loosening tight areas with exercise balls, “wine, chocolate and yoga”, live music yoga and even a winter yoga retreat in the tropics.

Margie B

I just had an amazing personal yoga session with Mary.  In my opinion, it is better than physical therapy as she addresses the whole body, posture and flexibility and strength in treating injuries.  Two years ago, I experienced a complete recovery of my shoulder through a session with her and following through with my homework.  Today we worked a debilitating hip issue and I felt my core come alove again and became aware of what my body was doing and how to help it find balance again through opening the left and strengthening the right sides.  Thank you Mary!

Linday H

Glad to be back in the groove of regular yoga classes after a very busy summer. LOVE Diane’s Tuesday vitality class. Just enough exertion to get me moving without wearing me out!

Jill W

I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to practice under so many excellent instructors all located within one studio. I have had classes led by Mary, Diane, Thomas and most recently Allison. They have their own individual teaching styles but are connected by similar thread. I am particularly impressed with the attention they give to maintaining proper body alignment to avoid injury. I am also impressed by their ability within a single class to adapt their instruction to individuals with varying levels of experience.

Lindsey B

Fusion yoga is a wonderful place to practice. The instructors are particular about form and they offered gentle corrections to improve my postures; I learned something new in each class. Excellent facility and staff.

Kathy F

Enjoy the Fusion classes. Thomas is very attentive and a thoughtful leader. Gives something for all levels without making anyone feel they don’t belong in the class.

Curtis L

After suffering fractures in my pelvis and not being able to practice for nearly 2 months, todays class with Mary was the Perfect way to begin Yoga again.  Wonderful energy!

Pam Y

I find all of the Instructors at Cashiers Valley Fusion yoga to be very knowledgeable and friendly. The overall atmosphere is inviting and encouraging for beginners to advanced students. The peppermint towels and detox tea after class are a definite plus. I highly recommend this studio!

Susan W

I truly enjoy Mary’s approach and style in her yoga teaching. She gives great cues both verbally and with light touch. I always leave her classes knowing I have been very good to myself. I highly recommend her for any level as she gives options for what “you” can accomplish.

Cathy P

Recently attended a great specialty class with Mary! We used therapy style balls to release tight areas & open up. Her explanations were very clear & yet not too much talking which I prefer.  As a longtime yoga intercut it myself, I’m able to highly recommend this studio. Diane & Mary are the teachers I’ve connected with & look forward to other classes during my stay. I’m fortunate to be located few minutes from this sweet space! Oh & my husband enjoys getting massages with the therapist at this location. Yet another reason to enjoy.

Heather A

Warm, friendly environment with experienced instructors. I especially love practicing with Thomas and Mary. They are two of the best teachers I have had in my 15 years of being a yogi! I always learn something new in their classes. Cashiers is fortunate to have Fusion!

Sandra T