Class Etiquette

Arrive 10 – 15 minutes early to have enough time to find parking, sign in, store your personal items, find a spot in the yoga room, roll out your mat and gather any needed props.

Introduce yourself to the instructor and feel free to discuss any injuries or concerns you may have.

Late arrivals, please sit and wait for the opening, centering of class to be completed before you walk across the room or make any noise rolling out your supplies. The teacher will see you waiting at the door and will signal you when it’s okay to enter.

During class, listen to the cues the teacher is sharing and be open to personal adjustments with kindness and attention.  Don’t become frustrated by uncertainty, just come back to your breath and allow the body to slowly find its way back into the flow of poses.

If you feel tired or light headed, rest by coming down to the mat in Child’s Pose.

At the end of your class, neatly put away all props, spray/wipe down your mat and try to introduce yourself to at least one person in class, it will help you feel more connected the next time you come in.