Getting Started

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yoga-getting-startedStepping into your first yoga class can be a little scary, not to mention intimidating but don’t worry, that’s often the case for new yogis at any age or fitness level. That’s why we recommend starting off slow and easy. Visit the pages of our website to become familiar with the studio and our teachers. Ask questions, our teachers are all highly qualified and eager to assist. If you’re not quite ready to move into a group setting, we also offer private yoga lessons.

Once ready to join the group setting, we recommend starting out with a Beginner (B) or Level One class (L1) before moving on to the mixed Level or All Levels classes. Being comfortable will allow you to experience the many benefits yoga has to offer, all while reacquainting yourself with the flow of your breath, the movement of your body, the stillness of your mind and the beauty of your spirit.

Each of these elements (breath, body, mind & spirit) can change like the wind depending on what life brings each day but with a strong connection on the mat, off the mat experiences can be perceived with a new awareness. Don’t worry if you find yourself behind the teacher’s cue or if you get confused between left and right, you’re human and if it makes you feel better, teachers confuse left and right too.

We recommend that every beginning student collect 2 blocks, 1 yoga strap, and two blankets. Stack them next to your mat. You may not need them, but at least you will have them.

Remember to use our site as a tool to enhance your comfort level, ask questions and please know that all yogis were new once themselves so leave self judgment at the door and bring your best smile!