Private Yoga

Yoga was originally passed down directly from master teachers who worked one-­on-­one to individualize a practice for each student based on their health, body type and lifestyle. Private sessions combine the traditional elements of physical yoga postures, yogic breathing techniques, mental focus and sense awareness.

what are the benefits of 1:1 yoga sessions?

This personal practice is dedicated to the individual needs of each student to aid in creating or maintaining longevity and overall physical, mental and emotional health. In your private session you will always get to be the center of attention.

What can private yoga help me with?

New To Yoga

Personal instruction can be one of the best ways to start your yoga journey. The instructor will assist beginners in learning specific poses, proper alignment and conscious breathing.

Stressed Out

Techniques can be taught to quiet the mind, calm the breath, and re-calibrate during stress or anxiety inducing moments.

Health Challenges / Injury Recovery

Yoga in a one-­on-­one setting with a specially trained yoga instructor can create an opportunity to explore your body in a way that reveals and potentially unravels habits and patterns that have changed the course of your health. It can also be a game changer when it comes to speeding up injury recovery time, quality of life, self-­awareness and building healthier options for coping.

Yoga can be beneficial for anxiety, arthritis, asthma, injuries, back pain, cancer treatment or recovery, carpel tunnel syndrome, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, depression, digestion, diabetes, digestive disorders, health challenges associated with aging, heart conditions, high blood pressure, hip and knee replacement, pelvic floor function, pregnancy and childbirth, reproductive health in women and men, scoliosis, stress and tension, weight loss, addiction, and more.

Enhance Existing Practice

You’re ready to master an advanced pose or just deepen your level of understanding in one or more areas of your practice, including but not limited to traditional teachings, biomechanics and anatomy, meditation, breathing, and lingo.

Improve Athletic Performance

Attention golfers, tennis players, runners, climbers, cyclists, swimmers, dancers, martial artists and gym fanatics! We can tailor private yoga sessions designed to aid in decreasing muscular imbalance in the body, improve stamina, increase oxygen capacity, improve flexibility, balance, focus and strength plus help reduce risk of training related injuries.

Semi-­Private Yoga

Not quite ready to be the center of attention or have a group of friends or family that you’d like to include? No problem, we do that too!

Wedding Yoga: A Special Day, A Special Way

wedding yoga, what is it?

Our customized Wedding Yoga class will create a sense of calm and peacefulness that is much needed and help you feel grounded for the big day!

Classes can be slow and restorative, quicker paced and powerful or a balanced blend.

Bridal showers • Bachelorette parties • Pre‐wedding private classes for the bride and groom, bride and bridal party, parents of the bride and groom • Custom options available!



DROP-IN (expires after 2 weeks)

• $16 per class (you have 2 weeks to use this class after the purchase date)

CLASS PASSES (expires after 6 months)

• 5 Class Pass $80
• 8 Class Pass $120
• 12 Class Pass $180

AUTO RENEW UNLIMITED YOGA PACKAGES & PERKS (recurring monthly payments)

• 3 Months at $115 each month (3 month commitment)
+ Cashiers Valley Fusion Shirt (t-shirt or tank top)

• 6 Months at $108 each month (6 month commitment)
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+ $10 Account Credit

• 12 Months at $99 each month (12 month commitment)
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+ 10% off retail for duration of membership


• 1 Month $120

• 3 Months at $309
+ Cashiers Valley Fusion Shirt (t-shirt or tank top)

• 6 Months at $599
+ Cashiers Valley Fusion Shirt (t-shirt or tank top)
+ $10 Account Credit
+ Small Wild Orange DoTerra Oil

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