Why Yoga?


In today’s fast-paced world it is easier than ever to become overwhelmed by the ever-changing fad diet, exercise program and need for instant gratification. Yoga works like no other system of fitness because it focuses on more than just the physical body. At Fusion, we teach yoga as a system of union, uniting the mind, body and breath for overall wellness. Having been around for more than 5,000 years, Yoga’s longevity through time is a testament to its profound affects and benefits.

Awakens the Mind

Yoga is about self-­realization and living life at the most profound level, opening up, diving within and experiencing a deep connection with your true self. It can enhance creativity and reduce stress, improve concentration, determination and mental focus, elevate and enhance emotional stability, and can create a springboard to transform old habits into new inspiring ways of being.

Sculpts the Body (Inside and Out)

Besides getting our minds to slow down and improving our overall mental health, yoga has numerous physical benefits as well. A regular yoga practice helps to increase your body’s flexibility, strength and balance, helps improve posture, can relieve back aches, reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, decrease body fat, prevent injury and stabilize blood glucose levels. It’s also known to increase cardiovascular endurance, energy levels, immune function, digestion, metabolism, and can help to manage weight, promote better sleep and sex. Being a low-­impact form of exercise, a regular yoga practice will strengthen, lengthen and tone the muscles in the body.

Brings Awareness to the Breath

The breath is a bridge between the mind and the body, representing life force and energy. The process of breathing is usually so automatic that it’s easy to take for granted but important to remember that our thoughts and emotions are connected to our breath patterns. When we focus our awareness on the breath we can bring a sense of calm to the mind and body during times of stress and during times of non-stress. The goal is to achieve focus not control and to witness the breath!