Welcome to Cashiers Valley Fusion, a premier destination for Yoga, Massage, and more. Our mission is to provide an exceptional experience for residents and visitors and to ensure that each student benefits from practicing at our studio. We welcome all levels of experience and look forward to sharing our space with you.

Studio Exterior



  If our lot is full, and it often is, park in the front lot of the Cashiers Baptist   Church and take the short path to the studio.

  Hours of Operation

  The studio is open 10-15 minutes before and after each class.

Yoga Studio


 We offer many styles and levels to support the needs and abilities of most   students.  Each class is carefully structured to give a well-balanced experience  for   the mind and   body.  At the completion of class, students usually feel calm,   centered, quietly energized and happy.

Massage Room

 Transformational Touch Therapy by Lindsay Heller, LBMT

 Therapeutic Massage for Chronic Pain and Injury addresses the functional   balance, structure and alignment of muscles and joints through the connective   tissue.